Shurhold 3101 Dual Action Random Orbital Car Boat Buffer Polisher Starter Kit

Shurhold 3101 Dual Action Random Orbital Car Boat Buffer Polisher Starter Kit

Shurhold 3101 Dual Action Random Orbital Car Boat Buffer Polisher Starter Kit

Get A Professional Shine With Our Powerful Boat And Car Polisher Without The Swirls, Scratches And Burn Marks. Bring Back The Shine With A Random Orbital Polisher From Shurhold. This Kit Includes: 1Pc. Dual Action Polisher 1Pc. Pro Polishing Pad 16Oz Bottle Pro Polish Wax 1Pc. Microfiber Towel 1Pc. Bag Polishes And Protects

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide quality tools and techniques to achieve a showroom shine for your boats, car, decks, porches, motorcycles, and RV. Giving you a complete shine without leaving a greasy residue.

Wax and Polish in Half the Time

Save time and work effort with Shurhold’s dual action rotary buffer. Leave the machine to do all the polishing with the same high gloss and professional finish that the pros do. Works well with Shurhold’s powerful chemical.

Our Goal

Our goal is to help you preserve the value and quality. That’s why we have produced the best detailing brushes, waxes, polishes, and more. These quality tools and chemicals work together for a squeaky clean finish.

Speed Chart

Recommended speeds are as follows:

  • 2500 – 3200 Opm – Waxing & Buffing
  • 3900 – 4600 Opm – Polishing & Cleaning
  • 5500 – 6500 Opm – Removing Paint Defects And Swirls

Polish Like a Pro

Our auto polishing machine delivers the same premium-quality, glossy finish similar to professional rotary buffers. A more convenient, user-friendly dual action polisher for beginners and everyday users.

The Ultimate Detailing Kit

This polishing kit includes all the essentials you need to achieve professional shine: Dual Action Polisher, Pro polishing pad, 16oz Bottle Pro Polish Wax, 1 microfiber towel, and a bag to carry all these detailing supplies.

Adjustable Speed

The 6-speed dial of our polishing machine allows you to match the speed to different applications. The range of Speed: 2,500-6,500 Opm: Low is for waxing and buffing; Medium is for polishing and cleaning, while High is for removing paint defects and oxidation.

Lightweight and Easy-to-Use

Unlike a regular buffing machine that is heavy and comes with complicated instructions, our rotary polisher is easy to operate for beginners while still being powerful enough for professionals.

Makes Any Detailing Job Easy

Shurhold Polishers provide you comfortable grip and non-slip control with its rubberized body and adjustable handle. This polisher machine is designed to rest on its back so no worrying about it rolling off the surface.