Powerday Skyrc Leopard 60A ESC + 13T 3000KV Brushless Motor for 1/10 Car Combo W/program Card

Powerday Skyrc Leopard 60A ESC + 13T 3000KV Brushless Motor for 1/10 Car Combo W/program Card

ESC Specifications

  • Model: Leopard 60A ESC V2
  • Continuous / Burst Current: 60Amp / 90Amp
  • Input Power (Cells): 2-3S LiPo, 4-8S NiCd / NiMh
  • On Resistance: 0.001ohms per phase
  • Linear BEC: 5V / 2Amp
  • Motor Limits:
    • 2S LiPo On Road: =>9.0T Off Road: =>10.0T
    • 3S LiPo On Road: =>10.0T Off Road: =>13.0T
  • Function: Fwd/Brk or Fwd/Bra/Rev
  • Thermal Overload Protection: Yes
  • Dimensions (Length x Width x Height): 51.6 x 30 x 27.4mm (2.03 x 1.18 x 1.08in.)
  • Net Weight (With wires): 78g (2.75oz)

Motor Specifications

  • Item Name: Leopard 3000KV/13T/2P BL Motor for 1/10 Car
  • Sensored / Sensorless: sensorless
  • No loading 7.2V Current: 1.8A
  • Turns: 13T
  • Max current: 32A
  • Value: 3000KV
  • Resistance (Ohm): 0.0258 Ohm
  • Poles: 2P
  • Battery range: 1-3S
  • Diameter: 36mm
  • Operation Temperature: /
  • Motor length: 50mm
  • Max Temperature: 150°C
  • Extend shaft diameter: 3.175mm
  • Suitable car scale: 1/10
  • Length of extend shaft: 15mm
  • Suitable ESC: 35A or higher
  • Weight: 168g
  • Connector Type: 3.5mm

Package Include

  • 60A V2 Leopard Brushless ESC x1
  • All wire sealing-in the connector

Powerday Skyrc Leopard 60A ESC + 13T 3000KV Brushless Motor for 1/10 Car Combo is a high-performance and reliable combination for RC car enthusiasts. The ESC, model Leopard 60A ESC V2, offers a continuous current of 60Amp and a burst current of 90Amp, making it suitable for intense racing and off-road driving. It supports 2-3S LiPo or 4-8S NiCd/NiMh batteries, providing flexibility in power options.

The motor, Leopard 3000KV/13T/2P BL Motor, is designed for 1/10 scale cars and offers a sensorless operation. With a maximum current of 32A and a value of 3000KV, it delivers impressive speed and acceleration. The motor is also equipped with thermal overload protection, ensuring safe and reliable performance even under demanding conditions.

The Powerday Skyrc Leopard combo includes a program card for easy configuration of the ESC settings. The ESC and motor are compatible with each other, providing seamless integration and optimal performance. The package also includes all wire sealing-in the connector, ensuring a secure and reliable connection.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is the suitable car scale for this combo?

This combo is suitable for 1/10 scale cars.

2. What is the maximum temperature the motor can withstand?

The motor can withstand a maximum temperature of 150°C.

3. Can I use a 3S LiPo battery with this combo?

Yes, this combo supports 2-3S LiPo batteries.


The Powerday Skyrc Leopard 60A ESC + 13T 3000KV Brushless Motor combo is a powerful and reliable choice for RC car enthusiasts. With its high-performance specifications and easy configuration, it offers an exciting and thrilling driving experience. Whether you’re racing on-road or off-road, this combo will deliver exceptional speed and acceleration. Upgrade your RC car with this combo and enjoy the ultimate performance!