Playmobil 9455 History Class

Playmobil 9455 History Class

Playmobil 9455 History Class

Are you ready to embark on an exciting journey through time? Introducing the Playmobil 9455 History Class, a must-have toy for all young history enthusiasts. This unique set combines fun and education, allowing children to learn while they play.


The Playmobil 9455 History Class features a functional blackboard, providing an interactive learning experience. Children can write and draw on the blackboard, bringing their imagination to life. The set also includes lots of learning accessories, such as books, maps, and historical artifacts, allowing children to dive deep into the world of history.

Functional Blackboard

The functional blackboard is the highlight of this toy set. Children can use the included chalk to write and draw historical events, creating their own stories. This hands-on approach to learning enhances creativity and critical thinking skills.

Learning Accessories

In addition to the blackboard, the Playmobil 9455 History Class comes with a wide range of learning accessories. From ancient scrolls to historical books, children can explore different eras and civilizations. These accessories provide a realistic touch to the playtime experience, making learning history even more engaging.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is this toy suitable for children of all ages?

Yes, the Playmobil 9455 History Class is designed for children aged 4 and above. It offers age-appropriate learning and play opportunities.

2. Can the blackboard be erased?

Yes, the blackboard can be easily erased using the included eraser or a damp cloth. This allows children to start fresh and create new stories.

3. Are the Playmobil figures included in the set?

Yes, the Playmobil 9455 History Class includes 3 Playmobil figures. These figures add an element of storytelling and role-playing to the playtime experience.


The Playmobil 9455 History Class is not just a toy, but a gateway to the fascinating world of history. With its functional blackboard and learning accessories, children can immerse themselves in different time periods and civilizations. This toy encourages creativity, imagination, and a love for learning. Get ready to embark on an educational adventure with the Playmobil 9455 History Class!