Oust Bearings: MOC 9 Air (Set of 8)

Oust Bearings: MOC 9 Air (Set of 8)

Oust Bearings: MOC 9 Air (Set of 8)

Skateboarding is not just a sport; it’s a lifestyle. And to truly enjoy the thrill of skateboarding, you need the right equipment. One crucial component that can make or break your skateboarding experience is the bearings. That’s where Oust Bearings: MOC 9 Air (Set of 8) come in.

Unleash Your Speed with Oust Bearings

When it comes to speed and performance, Oust Bearings are in a league of their own. The MOC 9 Air is the pinnacle of Oust’s engineering excellence, designed to provide skateboarders with an unparalleled riding experience.

Smooth and Fast

With the MOC 9 Air bearings, you can expect an incredibly smooth and fast ride. The advanced technology used in their construction ensures minimal friction, allowing you to reach higher speeds effortlessly. Whether you’re cruising down the streets or performing tricks at the skatepark, these bearings will keep you gliding effortlessly.

Durable and Long-lasting

Oust Bearings are built to last. The MOC 9 Air bearings are made from high-quality materials that can withstand the demands of skateboarding. They are designed to resist wear and tear, ensuring that they will serve you well for a long time. Say goodbye to frequent bearing replacements and hello to a reliable and durable set of bearings.

Precision Engineering

Every aspect of the MOC 9 Air bearings is meticulously engineered to perfection. From the precision-machined races to the high-speed lubricant, these bearings are optimized for maximum performance. The result is a set of bearings that offer exceptional speed, smoothness, and responsiveness.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Are these bearings suitable for all types of skateboards?

Yes, the Oust Bearings: MOC 9 Air (Set of 8) are compatible with all types of skateboards, including longboards, cruisers, and street skateboards.

2. How do I install these bearings?

Installing the MOC 9 Air bearings is a straightforward process. Simply remove the old bearings from your wheels, clean the wheel hubs, and insert the new bearings. Make sure to tighten the axle nuts securely.

3. Can I use these bearings for other applications?

While these bearings are specifically designed for skateboarding, they can also be used for other applications that require high-performance bearings, such as rollerblades or inline skates.


If you’re serious about skateboarding and want to take your riding to the next level, Oust Bearings: MOC 9 Air (Set of 8) are a must-have. With their exceptional speed, durability, and precision engineering, these bearings will elevate your skateboarding experience like never before. Invest in the best and enjoy the ride!