Mission QX-C MkII Centre Speaker (QX-C MkII Lux Black)

Mission QX-C MkII Centre Speaker (QX-C MkII, Lux Black)

Mission QX-C MkII Centre Speaker (QX-C MkII, Lux Black)

Bring the brilliance of QX MKII to your home cinema, with the Mission QX-C MKII centre speaker. The perfect match for Mission QX speakers Based on the award-winning Mission QX MKII speakers, the QX-C MKII centre speaker completes a full QX MKII speaker array for totally cohesive cinema surround sound.

Featuring Mission’s ‘ring dome’ tweeter design

These speakers offer the perfect balance of stunning musical detail with a smooth, low distortion output. Thanks to a twin cavity venting system, backpressure is reduced, meaning the treble response can ‘breathe’. Offering low resonance and the purest detail, the QX speakers are a class above at the top end.

Improved hybrid blend of soft pulp and acrylic fibre

The seam-free woofer is designed for effortless movement and maximum clarity. For the dynamic thrill you’d expect from Mission speakers, a clever DiaDrive sub cone system transfers maximum transient impact directly from the motor system – meaning that the crack of a drum is crisp and instantaneous.

Reduced distortion

Mission has put much work into the QX-Series MKII to reduce distortion. Computer-optimized modeling and laser interferometry make this MKII even better than the original. As well as the vented treble unit and DiaDrive woofer, a slot port system enhances airflow leaving the cabinet. Reduced pressure here enhances the low-frequency response without introducing distortion.

Sleek design and enhanced rigidity

The color-coordinated aluminum top plate enhances the cabinet’s rigidity – lowering distortion even further. Another cool detail is the comb-tooth woofer trim. This neatly hides the fixing bolts and contrasts with the speaker’s smooth good looks. Available in new Lux Black, Lux White, and Walnut Pearl, there’s a finish to suit every room.