Madd Capp Puzzle – I Am Owl

Madd Capp Puzzle – I Am Owl

Madd Capp Puzzle – I Am Owl

Experience the awe-inspiring Madd Capp Owl puzzle. With its unique animal head-shaped border and challenging design, this puzzle is perfect for puzzle enthusiasts of all ages. Learn interesting facts about owls while having fun assembling the puzzle.

Product Description

The Madd Capp Owl puzzle is an award-winning and awe-inspiring puzzle that is sure to captivate puzzle lovers. With its unique animal head-shaped border, this puzzle stands out from the rest. Measuring 30″ x 26″ when assembled, it is a poster-sized puzzle that makes amazing wall décor.

High-Quality Jigsaw Puzzle

The puzzle features a stunning and lifelike image of an owl, mounted on premium white chipboard. The pieces are randomly cut and are thick and sturdy, ensuring they can withstand repetitive use. The edges of the pieces are cleanly cut, making them fit together snugly and creating a dust-free puzzle assembly experience.

Fun and Challenging Experience

The Madd Capp Owl puzzle offers a unique challenge with no square corners or straight edges. This adds an extra level of difficulty and makes the puzzle even more fun to solve. Whether you prefer to solve puzzles alone or with friends and family, this puzzle is sure to create memorable moments.

Educational Fun Facts Inside

Each Madd Capp Owl puzzle comes with an educational Fun Facts booklet. Learn interesting information about owls, such as the fact that they do not have teeth and rely on their strong beaks to tear food apart and swallow. The booklet is filled with cool information about owls and adds an educational element to the puzzle-solving experience.


  • 550 pieces (actual piece count: 535)
  • Unique animal head-shaped border
  • Poster size: 30″ x 26″ when assembled
  • Deluxe five-sided tamperproof box
  • Includes educational Madd Capp Fun Facts booklet

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can the puzzle be used as wall décor?

Yes, the Madd Capp Owl puzzle makes amazing wall décor. Once assembled, you can glue it and mount it on your wall to showcase your masterpiece.

2. Is the puzzle suitable for children?

The puzzle is recommended for ages 10 and up. However, younger children can also enjoy solving the puzzle with adult supervision.

3. Are the puzzle pieces durable?

Yes, the puzzle pieces are made of high-quality materials and are thick and sturdy. They can withstand repetitive use and are designed to last.


The Madd Capp Owl puzzle is a unique and challenging puzzle that offers a fun and educational experience. With its animal head-shaped border and high-quality construction, it is sure to impress puzzle enthusiasts of all ages. Assemble the puzzle, learn interesting facts about owls, and create a beautiful piece of wall décor. Get ready to embark on an exciting puzzle-solving adventure with Madd Capp!