Hurtta Rain Blocker Dog Raincoat Raven 28 in

Hurtta Rain Blocker, Dog Raincoat, Raven, 28 in

Hurtta Rain Blocker, Dog Raincoat, Raven, 28 in

Are you tired of your furry friend getting wet and uncomfortable during rainy walks? Look no further! Introducing the Hurtta Rain Blocker, a stylish and functional dog raincoat in Raven color. This raincoat is designed to keep your dog dry and comfortable, allowing you to enjoy your walks together, no matter the weather.

Stay Dry and Stylish

With the Hurtta Rain Blocker, your dog will not only stay dry but also look fashionable. The Raven color adds a touch of elegance to your furry friend’s wardrobe. The raincoat is made from high-quality materials that are both waterproof and breathable, ensuring maximum comfort for your dog.

Perfect Fit

The Hurtta Rain Blocker is available in 28 inches, providing a perfect fit for medium-sized dogs. It features adjustable straps and a buckle closure, allowing you to customize the fit to your dog’s unique body shape. The raincoat also has a high collar and a protective hood, ensuring that your dog’s head and neck stay dry.

Easy to Use

Putting on and taking off the Hurtta Rain Blocker is a breeze. The raincoat has a wide opening with a Velcro closure on the back, making it easy to slide your dog’s paws through. The adjustable straps ensure a secure and comfortable fit, while the buckle closure keeps the raincoat in place even during the most energetic walks.

Convenient Features

The Hurtta Rain Blocker is designed with both you and your dog in mind. It has reflective piping and prints, increasing visibility during nighttime walks. The raincoat also has a leash opening on the back, allowing you to easily attach a leash to your dog’s collar or harness. Additionally, it is machine washable, making it easy to keep clean and fresh.

Frequently Asked Questions
  1. Q: Can the Hurtta Rain Blocker be used in heavy rain?
  2. A: Yes, the Hurtta Rain Blocker is designed to withstand heavy rain. Its waterproof material will keep your dog dry even during the heaviest downpours.

  3. Q: Is the raincoat suitable for all dog breeds?
  4. A: The Hurtta Rain Blocker is available in various sizes. While the 28-inch size is ideal for medium-sized dogs, there are other sizes available to accommodate different breeds.

  5. Q: How do I measure my dog for the raincoat?
  6. A: To find the right size, measure your dog’s back length from the base of the neck to the base of the tail. The 28-inch raincoat is suitable for dogs with a back length of approximately 28 inches.

In conclusion, the Hurtta Rain Blocker is the perfect solution to keep your dog dry and comfortable during rainy walks. Its stylish design, perfect fit, and convenient features make it a must-have for any dog owner. Don’t let the rain stop you and your furry friend from enjoying your outdoor adventures!