HALO SleepSack Micro-Fleece Swaddle – Product Description

HALO SleepSack Micro-Fleece Swaddle – Product Description

HALO SleepSack Micro-Fleece Swaddle

HALO’s founder, Bill Schmid, and his wife experienced the devastating loss of their firstborn to SIDS. From this tragedy, HALO and its mission were born. Today, HALO SleepSack Wearable Blankets are the #1 trusted choice of hospitals, helping babies sleep safely from the start and promoting better sleep.

Features and Benefits

1. Safer Sleep Environment

The original wearable blanket replaces loose blankets in the crib, providing a safer sleep environment for your baby. Say goodbye to worries about suffocation or entanglement.

2. 3-Way Swaddle

The HALO SleepSack Micro-Fleece Swaddle offers a 3-way swaddle design, ensuring your baby’s best sleep and an easy transition when it’s time to stop swaddling. Choose from Arms-In to reduce startle reflex, Hands-to-Face for self-soothing, or 1 or 2 Arms Out for an easy transition to the SleepSack.

3. Hospital-Preferred Choice

Trusted by hospital nurseries worldwide, the HALO SleepSack is the number one choice to promote safe sleep. Give your baby the same level of comfort and security that hospitals provide.

4. Super-Soft and Plush

Made with 100% polyester micro-fleece fabric, the SleepSack is super-soft and plush inside and out. It’s designed to wick away moisture, keeping your baby warm and comfortable in any climate.

5. Adjustable and Easy to Use

The generously sized swaddle fasteners offer adjustability for a perfect fit. The inverted zipper opens from the bottom, allowing for easy diaper changes without undoing the swaddle. The sleeveless design reduces the risk of overheating, and the arm and neck openings are sized for a safer fit.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What size is suitable for newborns?

A: The HALO SleepSack Micro-Fleece Swaddle in Soft Pink is available in Newborn size, designed for babies weighing between 6 and 12 pounds. It is generally suitable for babies aged 0-3 months and measuring 19-23 inches long.

Q: When should I discontinue swaddling?

A: It is recommended to discontinue swaddling when your baby shows signs of rolling over or breaking out of the swaddle wrap. This is to ensure their safety and prevent any potential hazards.


Ensure your baby’s safety and comfort during sleep with the HALO SleepSack Micro-Fleece Swaddle. This hospital-preferred wearable blanket provides a safer sleep environment, promotes better sleep, and offers adjustable features for a perfect fit. Made with soft pink micro-fleece fabric, it keeps your newborn warm and cozy throughout the night. Trust HALO, the #1 choice of hospitals, to give your baby the best sleep possible.